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My Freedom

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Prince is a post graduate student in the law faculty at North-west University, Mahikeng Campus.

When Prince arrived on campus earlier this year, he was dependent on other students or someone from the disability unit to fetch him from his room and take him to lectures. As he says, he had to accept that someone else’ schedule was more important than his own. He describes how he had to accept that he would had to let go of his non-essential activities, like going to the gym, which is something he loves doing. He tells of how he missed a lecture by a visiting professor, just because the person who was meant to fetch him, forgot about him.

This was until our practitioner Kidibone trained him earlier this year. You will be glad to know that all this has changed. Prince is free now to go where he wants to go when he wants, anywhere on campus.

Prince’ very first white cane lesson

We filmed Prince’ very first white cane lesson.

We caught the trepidation, the instinctive fear of getting hurt. But Ian, our managing trustee said to him: “Kidi won’t let you get hurt. The techniques she teaches work, and using them will keep you safe.”

This past week a friend of Prince filmed him walking alone on campus.

The freedom that Prince speaks of, it is just beautiful to witness.

Prince equated the freedom he feels now, walking on his own, to that freedom which he felt in 1994 when we in South Africa became a democracy. When as he says, he became free the first time.

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