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A new lease on life for a blind person in rural South Africa

Personal message

Imagine if you are blind and have lost not only your sight but also your independence. What would it feel like to be able regain that independence – to be able to go to places like the shop, to church, to family and friends, to go anywhere you want to go without the need for sighted help? This is what Independence Training can do. This is what SAMBT does here in South Africa.

This is how we do it:
We go out looking for blind people rather than expecting them to find us. Our trainers travel to rural areas throughout the country where they spend three months at a time training local blind people. While they are there, the trainers live in rooms rented from community members. This way of working means that our trainers often live and work away from home for up to three-quarters of the year. They are the real heroes!

To date, SAMBT has trained about 4 000 blind people, giving them a new lease on life. But there are many, many thousands more that need our help. With your financial contributions, we can work miracles in the lives of blind people in poverty-stricken areas in South Africa.

Training one person costs R20 000. You can contribute to making the difference in the life of a blind person in a rural part of South Africa.
Please help us make a difference and give someone a new lease on life!

Any contribution you make will go towards Independence Training for one person.

•R 300 will make a contribution towards a white cane and the other devices needed for one rural blind person to be mobile – to work out which bank notes are which and to establish what the time is.

•R1000 will mean we can get a trainer to a blind person in a deeply rural area in South Africa (they sometimes have to travel 700 km just to get there).

•R20 000 will enable us to pay that trainer to work with that blind person for up to 3 months until they have regained their independence.

Please donate now, and help a blind person learn to go to the shops, visit their friends or go to church – things that most people take for granted. Every rand counts!

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