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Good News About Nandi

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Nandi lives with her little daughter in Katlehong, South Africa. I’m here with her in her front yard. Two years ago, Nandi went blind.
“How did you feel at the time?” I ask.”
“At the beginning I thought, ‘why me, why me?’ I just sat and sat and ate and I got fat. My child was only seven years old then.”
“And how did your little one cope with this, do you think?”
“Not so well. No. She was just in grade 1 then and the teachers called me to the school. They said she wasn’t doing too well. But when they saw that I was blind, they understood a few things and that helped a bit.”
“And now that we are giving you Independence Training, how does it feel?”
“I am happy. I am so, so happy! I had never even heard of the white cane before. And now I can do every thing for myself. Now I can go on my own to the shop, to church and everywhere. I can wash, I can iron I can cook! Like before.”
“And your daughter?”
“Oh yes. Oh, things are better at school. And now when she walks with me, she is excited. She says to me, you know how to walk by your self now mommy. I don’t have to hold you when you walk, anymore! Not anymore.”

And now, I want you to know that you too can be part of a story just like this one. You too could put a smile on the faces of someone like Nandi and her little girl.

$20 will give someone a white cane – just like the one Nandi and I use. Yes, I am blind too.
$40 will get a trainer of ours, like Thabelo, to a blind person’s door for her daily lesson.
And know this. Your gift will say to people like Nandi and her little girl …
There is somebody out there who cares.
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