3 September 2020

SAMBT Donors

  • ABBOTT Laboratories
  • Absa
  • Betsy & Neil Coville
  • Consol
  • Craig Roberts
  • Eastern Cape Education Trust
  • Energy Mobility Education Trust
  • Gillian Gosnell
  • Harry Brunskill Education and Charitable Trust
  • HCI Foundation
  • IQRAA Trust
  • Investec CSI
  • John and Esther Ellerman Memorial Trust
  • King Baudouin Foundation United States
  • Kumba
  • Moolmans
  • MS Parker Educational Trust
  • North West Department of Health
  • Picturenet
  • Private Trust administered by Investec Wealth & Investment
  • Simmonds Hampton Trust
  • Solomon Ruben and Ann Winer Educational Trust
  • Stanley and Alison Sher
  • the fair labour practice
  • Trusts administered by Nedbank Wealth
  • Victor Daitz Foundation

If you require any other information feel free to mail us on: info@sambt.org.za
Your personal details will be held in confidence and not shared without your written permission.

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