3 September 2020

Thabang Kotsi

Thabang grew up in Sasolburg in the Free State.

During her school holidays, she would visit her aunt in another part of the province. That aunt was a teacher at a school for the blind. There Thabang helped care for those children who stayed at the school in the holidays because their homes were very far away.

And then, when she was a bit older, her neighbour lost his sight and Thabang would help him with things like getting to the shop and writing emails for him. Her aunt saw this on a visit to Sasolburg. She could see that Thabang had the caring and the patience needed to work with blind people. Her aunt knew well what O&M training was and suggested to her young niece that she enrolled at the College for Orientation and Mobility.

Thabang joined SAMBT in 2018. Her position with SAMBT is her first placement since qualifying as an O&M practitioner.