Our practitioner Kidibone: the virtual tech assistant

Since lockdown, our practitioner Kidibone has been able to reach many of her clients from the past 6 months.
They all expressed such surprise to hear from their practitioner.

Tumi (not her real name) who lives in a big sprawling township, said she was especially happy with her new cooking skills. She still couldn’t believe how much easier it has become for her to cook a meal since Kidi taught her. Tumi however said she felt so worried that with the ongoing lockdown, she would forget some of the routes that Kidi had taught her to walk on her own. And it made her feel really trapped and sad, imagining not been able to walk to all her favourite spots which Kidi had taught her.
Part of our practitioners’ training is to offer basic counselling skills. Kidi was able to hear Tumi’s worries and to encourage her. By the end of that first phone call, Tumi could imagine herself walking to the spaza shop not too far away. She felt confident that she would manage the route. And importantly, she knew that she would be going with her mask and as much as possible practise social distancing. The next time Kidi spoke with Tumi, Tumi proudly reported that she managed to get herself to the spaza shop and back home all in one piece.
And she also remembered to wash her hands the moment she arrived back home. Well done Tumi!

Simon (not his real name) already had a smart phone when Kidi trained him. During the training, Kidi helped him to choose an app for the blind with voice over features. He chose DDS screen reader. Simon says he just loves talking to “my people” as he calls them.
When Kidi called him last week to hear how he was doing, Simon said although he was safe and doing well enough considering the lockdown, he was struggling with his cell, especially the WhatsApp. Kidi asked Simon if he had a family member whom he could ask to join in on a phone call with Kidi so that she could help him. An hour later, Simon called Kidi back with his nephew by his side. Together, between the three of them they were able to get Simon back onto WhatsApp. Says Kidi, “I even chat with him to give him practise, he is doing well, even if he is not perfect yet”. Simon can now with the help of his DDS screen reader, receive WhatsApp messages, read them and reply. He is now also able to find a contact in his address list and WhatsApp “his people”.
And one more thing, Kidi suggested to Simon that ask his people to please only type using proper English and to refrain from using cell phone slang. cul8ter not only meant nothing to Simon, but it frustrated and confused him no end when messages had no meaning.

Kele (not her real name) is a small business owner. Nevermind that she is blind. She sells soft drinks and snacks. When Kidi asked Kele which of her new skills she finds particularly useful, she enthusiastically told her how much her new money recognition skills are helping her. With the money template which Kidi gave her and of course taught her how to use, she is able to identify money faster and much more accurately than before.