Welcome Parishna

Parishna, you joined us on the 10th of March when your induction process started with the board and with Ian Hutton, our outgoing Managing Trustee. On the first of April you took over the reins as the leader of SAMBT.

What attracted you to SAMBT?

“As a blind person myself, I understand the importance of independence training. I am attracted to SAMBT because of our dedication to provide this training to as many blind people as possible”.

You are a young professional woman of colour, with a disability. What drives you?

“Living with a disability has moulded me into the confident, self-driven woman I have become. I believe that my living with a disability, motivates others with disabilities, to believe that anything is possible.
I am driven by the incredible, rewarding feeling I get when helping others”.

Tell us about your experiences so far with SAMBT: you have already been on a few field trips.

“The field trips were nothing short of amazing! I enjoyed meeting our Orientation and Mobility Practitioners. The work that is being done by our practitioners is truly wonderful. Being in the field, hearing our clients’ stories of despair before SAMBT stepped in to help, and then, hearing their stories of how the training brought them dignity and independence, brought tears to my eyes”.

What is your strategy starting off as Managing Trustee?

“Ian Hutton has run the organisation like a dream. There is nothing for me to fix, nor are there any big changes to make. My strategy is to work with my new colleagues, to bring independence training to many more blind people”.

Can you name some of the personal strengths that you are bringing to SAMBT?

“My experience in public awareness around blindness as a disability, would be a strength, as would my fundraising experience. I am able to work under pressure and keep calm during a crisis. Once I put my mind to something, I see it through until I succeed. In my mind there is no other way”.

What excites you?

“A nail-biting cricket match or tennis tournament, a gripping crime documentary, visiting with my family…”

What do enjoy doing outside of work?

“I love cooking and baking. Collecting gemstones is another hobby and visiting a scratch-patch is always a favourite outing. I love reading, except no horror please!”

Any closing remarks?

“My biggest passion is helping people. I am invested in seeing SAMBT grow, but more than that, I am truly invested in giving blind people, like me, their independence”.